Needle OBEJQ

I have a OBEJQ needle from my WR426F that ran perfectly on my bike. I put this needle in my 426, based on recommendations here at ThumperTalk. (The 426 bike actually produces a lot more TORQUE than my WR450F (not YZ-timed, but the other mods all made). Is this due to YZ timing?? (thought that WR timing would give more torque). Anyway I have this needle in my 426, which I am about to sell. Question, before selling the old 426F should I exchange this needle with my WR450F needle (stock) since I have run a YZ pipe. Or is this needle associated to timing "YZ". Please help.

NO...Needles are cheap, you may end up with two bikes that run bad :thinking:E taper needles like small jets and YZ timing. Get JD's kit for your 450 and ride :)

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