Dies while idle

I just got a 01 wr426 and runs great and everything but if it idled for more than a minute or so is just dies

Sounds like it could have the start of a plugged up idle jet or maybe some garbage in the float bowl.


 Is the gas fresh? Might try running some Seafoam or Startron through it but if it is garbage in float bowl will probably need to be opened up and cleaned out.

Okay yeah it's all new gas I'll try sea foam then if that dosnt do it I'll clean the carb

One more thing you might want to check is that your decompression lever cable has a little slack in it when turned BOTH directions.


I JUST went through this yesterday!


 Seems I bumped or somehow got my decompression lever turned up a little on the handlebar and it used up the little bit of slack in the cable. Then as the bike was sitting there warming up the handlebars would slowly turn to one side from vibration of motor. It would then pull slightly on the decompression release and kill the motor.  

Oh okay yeah I'll check that out too thank you

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