Where to buy a 14/15 YZ450F

Hi guys

I would like to know some good dealers in the San Diego area to buy a 14 or 15 YZ450F. What did you pay for your bikes?


I bought my 14 yz450f at north county house of motorcycles in June of 14 for 8800 otd.

Another guy I know bout a 15 yz450f last month at north county yamaha for 10500 .

10500? Wow thats alot :/ what about a pre owned 14? How much is it worth?

I see them on Craigslist for 6-6500 for a 14. You could probably get a leftover 15 in the 7000 range

In addition to cycletrader also look at prices on craigslook.com

Go see Dustin at B&B Cycles. I hear he's the best at getting a deal near dealer cost without all the bs fees.

I know it's a little bit of a drive for you, but try either Simi Valley Cycles or Thousand Oaks Powersports. The staff at both places are super nice and they usually have really good deals.

I would advise against dealing with any financing options through T.O.  I won't go into details, but their handling of finances was really unprofessional and highly damaging.  Nice enough people there, but pay cash or arrange your own financing.

Alright guys thanks for the answers!

Alright guys thanks for the answers!

let us know what you get! Good luck

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