Dumb n00b questions

Bought an '04 WR450. Carburetor leaks bad out the overflow. Got it to stop by banging carb with rubber mallet but started as soon as I stopped the engine. So pull the carburetor, right? I can't even get the throttle cables off. Factory manual tells what parts to remove in what order but no info on how. s there a trick to this? Is there a manual for dummies? I do some work on my beemers but now I have to take this to a dealer because I can't get the carburetor off.

Take a closer look and take your time

You don't need to remove the carb cables if you don't want to.

I never do.


You need to remove the float needle and polish it, and polish the cavity it sits in

This is assuming the needle and seat are not worn out or damaged. If so they must be replaced

Then set your float height


An OEM service manual will show you

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