Help With Choosing A Used WR450F (Looking at it in less than 12 hours)

Hey Guys,


I am looking to buy a 2008 WR450F with 10000kms on it.


First of all it has had new plastics which are black (don't think these bikes come black from the factory), it has a black clutch cover, water pump cover and flywheel cover. It has a GYTR Full system.


The bike looks really clean and I have been told It has done a lot of city riding.


The Guy is asking $4000 AUD but said he is negotiable on the price.


Do you think 10000kms is too much?


Do you think it is a good deal?


Any help would be appreciated:)


P.S. Can email you a photo of it on request so you can help me further

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2008 models were the first year to have black clutch and stator covers


10K km's is about 6K miles so depending upon how its been looked after & ridden it could be fine or a basket case

My bike has got 8K miles (13K km's) and is fine coz I look after it


The motor has a good rep for being reliable and durable but if its been run low on oil ......


No real things to look out for except perhaps the chin slider wearing through the top of the swingarm - lift the top run of the chain slider up and have alook at the swingarm


All the usual things apply - wheels bearings,suspension bearings

The bike doesn't really have any known major faults


road riding can damage the transmission due to the lack of cush drive in the rear wheel - these bikes are designed to be use don the dirt

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