need some advice!

ive got a new 426 and i need some advice on maintenance. i listen to you guys on carbs and jetting and i dont know how to work confidently on any of these. Simple maintenance like air filter and plugs, no prob. i havent changed the oil in my 01. advice please

i would like to add on that im racing c class this summer! i know ill need to be on with those torque specs and i havent even done those!

Change the oil every other ride/race. Keep an eye on your chain buffer, and dont give it any throttle when ya kicker'. Its nice to have one of the Yamaha factory manuals. Im a pretty good mechanic, and I reference mine all time. Its got everything you can imagine in it. Its worth the 75 bucks.

When you are about to remove the plug from the frame tank, make sure you trun the wheel full to one side or the other and hold your catch pan up and in front of the plug and a few inches below because the oil shoots out and will make one big mess if you aren't ready. Believe me, if you make a mess the first time, you will learn not to make the same mistake again. Also, when reinstalling the plugs, try to avoid overtightening as a couple of guys have stripped out the threads . . . especially at the crankcase. OUCH!

Another thing that is a must is adjusting the valves. You may start to see some wierd things if you don't. My bike was backfiring like crazy till I took care of that.

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