Strange noise on startup?

I would guess it's the 1-way bearing on the starter gear slipping.


I would try first kicking it over with kick start to see if you feel anything wrong. Then a little faster, then even start it with the kick starter. If it does not make any sounds there I would then first check the electric start motor. Could be a bearing or something in it, like dust/dirt buildup or even carbon if it ate a brush.

I did have had a starter clutch go out on my '03 and it made some geeawd awful noises but they were different from what I am hearing on this video. That makes me think it is a starter motor issue. Sometimes just cleaning out a starter motor will work wonders.

If not the starter I would guess possibly the starter clutch mext.

What year is it?

The bike is a 2006. No problem kicking through, or starting, on the kick start.

I would definitely check the electric starter first then as it is easier to get to and cheaper to fix than that starter clutch.


 SInce your is an '06  they already had the improved starter/backfire clutch from the factory so hopefully that is not the problem. Mine is an '03 and that probably had a lot to do with it going out.

That's the starter clutch slipping

^^^ easy to replace. 15 min job.

Cheap too.

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