what is the correct jetting for a wr450 at 1000 feet above sea level

i would like to thank the people that replied to my post that will help alot but everyone says rejet need more fuel what should i jet it to should i mess with the pilot jet ? air mixture? so far the exhaust is open and airbox opened up . bye the way love the bike just hope the woodruff key doesnt fail :) and one more thing the grey wire what do i gain by cutting it

See my sig for jetting @ 2000 ft. In addition to altitude, your jetting will also be dependent on temperature and humidity. Note that my airbox is a little more "open" than most.

I'd recommend buying the JD kit and a Zip-Ty fuel screw. Makes the whole jetting experience pretty simple.

As far as the gray wire goes, type "gray wire" (or maybe "grey wire") into the search function. Should be tons on posts about it.

Good luck!



I have had great luck with the combo in my signiture. No popping or surging. I do not have the bog problem either, but I grew up on 4 strokes and don't try to compare them to a 2 stroke when they are sitting in the garage.

Ride fast - take chances


do a search on the grey wire. there is a ton of info. as far as jetting, check any post by indy_450. he knows his stuff about jetting and is at 700 feet. his posts always have his current specs. :) it's like cheating.

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