Elkins Flat ride and how my KTM got eaten by WR's

Ok guys I eat a little crow. Whose bike has problems yesterday. My KTM 400 exc. First time problems yes but what a bummer. The Radiator Hose Thermos-head that connnects to where the Thermostat is came unclamped. Lost all fluids. Luckily Paul had some water. (Thank you Mr. Maust) Things seemed to be going ok, got it reclamped (poorly I might ad) and a couple of hours later, steam bath. Had a little water left, that got me home but waht a bummer. Had a great time with all of you, but sorry I held you all up. Thank you all for the tools (I will never leave home without them again) and the good day. Did any WR's have trouble. Not in the least. I can't understand why KTM puts so many extras into their bikes yet use a rubber mounted "y" type set up for the radiator connections. Does not ad up. Two pieces of rubber heating up causing retraction and potential slippage. Go figure.


Mike the wrost day of riding is better then the best of not riding,I hope you still had a good time we will get back up there and do some of the higher up trails.


Thats ok Mike. I think next time I will bring a spare Yamaha instead of water. Maybe we will get more riding done! :) Will you be ready to go again in a couple of weeks? Enjoyed the ride with you guys next time though lets all try to stay together. :D

If you had been watching, I have posted this problem 3 or 4 times over the last year.I too can't understand why a high quality bike like KTM finishes production with cheap clamps on the cooling system. Go figure.


400 EXC--stock&great

YAMAHA 250--sold

250 sherco

So Darryl, since I have not been following as close as I should, how did you cure the problem?



Isn't there a KTM forum for these guys? Sacrilege, I say. Traitors - all of them...

I couldn't resist :) It's Monday morning and I've just got to cause trouble...

I'll be at Elkins Flat next Saturday - should I look for KTM parts?


Hey Brian,

posted here so you WR guys could see that my KTM can be had. Thats why my topic stated such. I eat crow when need be, willing to admit the error of my ways. (Sometimes)

While at Elkins look for the steam or cloud of smoke and you will know where I was.

The only saving grace was that I did not have to get towed by the WR.

I did manage to get all of the parts back. I HOPE!!! Do you ever wonder why you have extra parts when you put it all back togeather. :)


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