Can I run a wr 400 stator and flywheel on a yz engine

So my big end bearing seized on my wr 400 and the cranks not worth saving but I've found a complete yz 400 engine for nearly the same as if pay for a new crank but what I need to l know is would a yz engine bolt straight in only having to fit the wr flywheel and stator and would I be loosing or gaining power from convert it too yz somebody help?!


somebody help?!


Somebody throw in a little punctuation once in a while.  Makes the read easier.


IF the YZ engine is a 400 or a 426, then the stator and flywheel will fit, and the engine will bolt directly in.  If it's an '02, you may have to swap the steel inserts at the rear of the engine with the ones from the 400 so the swing arm pivot will fit. 


Be aware that the YZ will also have a close ratio gear box, so low gear will be a little higher and high gear a little lower.

Thanks ever so much for your help. I just needed to check before I done it. thanks!

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