01 YZ426 - Carb leaking gas out of several tubes, need help

Hi all- I just took the YZ426 apart to clean it with a power washer, replace chain and sprockets, new air filter, spark plug, and change radiator hoses. Also replaced the main fuel line from petcock to carb.


Bike was 100% fine before I did this today. After I put the gas tank back on, assembled everything I went to start her up. as soon as I turned the petcock to On gas started running out a couple of the tubes coming from carb- and not the overflow tube. one of the tubes comes from the kick-starter side and goes into a T on the upper body of carb.


When I started the bike, warmed it up, revved it a bit, the gas stopped running out. at idle it was dripping slowly. turned the bike off and gas stated running out of tubes again faster. 


Any ideas? I am not familiar with this specific carb - did removeing the gas tank and then reinstalling it cause some type of event with the carb?



update- so yeh it looks like it's the plain vanilla issue with float bowl valve leaking as very well documented in several threads on this site. I was initially perplexed because gas was running out of serveral tubes at same time, or so it seemed. there was a slight nick in the bowl vent drain tube higher up and the gas was running down alongside the bundled tubes, making it appear to be dripping from several of them at once. 


Anyway gonna pull the carby and give it a once over. I tried flushing it out a couple times and it slowed the leak to a tiny drip, but still not 100% fixed. so out it comes.

fixed - the float needle inside the carb was the wrong one. i put in the correct one, which is almost identical but slightly longer with a narrow taper stopper. who knows how that happened. just part of the typical surprises that go with buying a used bike ;p

Good job, glad you fixed it. Your right about used bikes.

indeed- par for the course... anway just wanted to post the wrap up, I hate it when someone posts a 'help me' thread, then never posts at the end on what it was they fixed or how it was fixed.

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