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What the heck is that?  :facepalm:



Just when I thought I saw it all, I went on the roof of the new company we bought. :chachitotheextreme:

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Left to Right :  Jimmy Roberts, Kenny Alexander, Louie Franco, Ricky Johnson, Chris Palermo, Somedude.  


Just another day riding with pals and getting paid on a Dodge commercial at Glen Helen.


I wonder what Krannie pays his people to come on his slow ass ride # 3 and then comment on his personal  lame thread.  Only a noob newbe would go on a must be there at 7am kickstands up or you'll miss a burger at Astro burger ride.  People who want to be a part of that program need to get a life.  Be your own trail leader, its not that hard.  IMHO



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Too old for this shit. I had to Google SRH..... I still don't quite &%$#@!ing understand. Must be a SoCal thing.

SRH bro

Stoners reekin' Havoc

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423799319.207289.jpg

It's more than a clothing line it's a way of life bro

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What the hell.................................RM has em on sale............................write ups are good.

I forgot if I asked, which tires are these?

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My Jalapeno Beer is coming online on the 18th.  This is my 3rd time brewing this.  It will be HOT, HOT, HOT.  :rolleyes:




I had Mt. Shasta's Jalapeno Beer http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/mt-shasta-jalapeno-weed/127765/    and mine is better!  My beer is much more creamy underneath the spice.  Not my recipe.  I stole it from www.homebrewtalk.com fair 'n' square.


Sacramento beer week is this coming soon. http://www.beersinsac.com/sacramento-beer-week-2015-under-new-leadership/ Now this stuff is good.  These craft breweries are all very nice.  But my beer is better.  I just finished a "Big Daddy IPA" Clone that is even better than the original.  :crazy:  Any time you're dealing with home made goodies vs. store bought................................ you'll know what I'm talking about.

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