Oil Changes........

When you guys change the oil, do you take the strainer tube out and clean it too?

I'm changing mine every 10 hours of use and I didn't take the strainer out to clean it ! I'm using MOTUL 5100 ESTER with great results ! Really recommended !!! I'm cleaning the oil filter every two changes and replacing with a brand new EMGO oil filter every 6 oil changes.

Hope this help you guy !!! :)

THe only time you really need to clean the tube in the frame is when you perform some engine work, such as piston/ring replacement or more. Some people will argue that the tube should be initially checked after about 4 operating hours, but in practice it is almost never done. You need a big box-end wrench or deep-well metric socket. Don't try to remove it with anything else, as you will not be successful. Yamaha really uses threadlock on that strainer.


HEY Guys, thanks for the info, thats kinda what I figured. hey Humberto you say you just clean your oil **FILTER** and re use it? It looked like the filament is like a steel screen thought about doing that too, but just didnt do it. :)

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I was talking about the oil filter not the oil itself, you can't clean the oil, just the oil filter man ! :)

What? I always clean my oil in the dishwasher and re-use it in the 426!! Just add a little Jet Dry and the bike goes twice as fast!!!

Dennis :)

How bad would it be if you just drained the frame and not the crank. But you changed the oil every second ride and the bike had 100 hours on it. Its my first bike so don't laugh to hard at me lol

I've taken that strainer out once and that was one time too many. Although it was after about 10 hours of riding it did have some junk on it. Since then I haven't touched it I everytime I look at it as I'm changing the oil I feel guilty. If anyone highly recommends that it would be nice to know. But it was an extreme pain. I just change the oil filter after the second oil change.

I think I've checked mine once or twice (I have an '01) and I'm going to check it on the next change. I've never found anything in it, but it's better safe than sorry. I did not see any threadlock on mine when I removed it, but I did use the air wrench to remove it. Came off very easy that way.

As for only draining the frame, I'm sure it's better than not changing the oil at all, but it only takes a few seconds to drain the crank case so why not drain it while you're at it? There is an access hole in the guard so the only bolt you have to remove is the drain bolt.

"Alright" "OK" haha.... :) I meant Oil

Filter :D


Call me A.R. but if you look at the strainer design,you leave a little oil in the frame by not taking it out. After the first oil change I have found no metal in the strainer but a fair amount of additional oil comes out when you remove the strainer.

The last time I changed my oil I thought I better check the strainer. Big mistake! It's a pain to remove and it was completely clean. The mesh is so open it would only collect something fairly large anyway. And maybe I'm being stupid but I only clean the oil filter every other oil change. There are never any particles on it so I figure why bother.


I agree Mad Potter,

I change my oil every other time I ride. I don't check that strainer now until every other oil change. It would be different if it had a paper strainer like a car. Why don't they put a filter like that in this bike? I wondered that the first time I saw the wire mesh filter. :)

From the coarse mesh of the frame strainer/filter, it appears that it was meant to trap large debris such as paint chips, gasket and/or adhesive chunks. I found a few paint chips in mine after the initial break-in period. I've checked it once since then with no debris at all. I would only pull it now if I suspected something unusual going on inside the engine. I'm going to do some practice this weekend so I'll pull it when I change the oil . . . .just for giggles and grins.

I have an '00 with lots of hours and I've never found even a fleck in the frame screen.

humber you said you change the oil every 10 hours? I change mine after every race (maybe 40 minutes ride time) and after maybe 2 hours of trail/play riding and that makes me nervous. Have you had any trouble after going so long between changes?

I know that the gospel with these high-strung 4 strokes is to change the oil after every couple of rides, some people every ride. This has probably been discussed in the past ad nauseum, but WHY? Every time I change my oil, about every 2 rides, it appears to be perfectly clean. If I am using synthetic oil that is supposed to never, or at least just slightly, break down, you would think just cleaning the filter would be ok. Mobil1 says 10k mile between changes for your car, and that is just because of contamination, not breakdown.

Dont get me wrong. I am not going to change my oil changing habits, just curious. When Yamaha says to change the ring on my sons 80 every race and he can get a whole season out of the original ring and piston, its hard to put much faith in their maintenance schedule.

Just thinking out loud.....I'll shut up now and wait to be smacked around.


I typically go 2 to 3 rides between changes depending on conditions (typically 10 hours or less riding). The oil never gets black but it definitely gets dirty. It's usually dusty where I ride an I'm guessing that the recommended frequent changes are not due to the oil breaking down, but due to the dirt particles that get into the oil. I'm not really sure why they used a screen on these things instead of a paper type filter like you get on a car.

d_criss- wait to be slappe around hehehehaha. I know the feeling. The oil in these bikes is a under a little different conditions than your car. 10 or 11 thousand RPM, and the worst of it is the clutch particles floating around in there doing evil things if it isn't drained out. I have one of those little CR's too in the shop that's due (overdue actually) for rings. Maybe after one more riding weekend or the one after that...

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