07 wr450 stabilizer

I've been looking to buy a stabilizer/damper. Been looking on eBay to save some money. Found a Scott's and a gpr v4, but they're both off of a 06 yz250f. Looked up the parts #s on each website and they're off by one number for each bike.(06 yz250f and 07 wr450f) I'm sure the stabilizers fit each bike. Was wondering if anyone knew what's different in the mounting kits?

Frame Clamp and pin are different

will the clamp and pin from a scotts work? i bought the gpr v4 from the guy with th 06yz250f on ebay. i tried looking for a mount that fits my bike for the gpr but couldn't find anything. the reason for using ebay is the only form of payment i have at the moment is my paypal credit.

GPR frame pin only works with GPR damper

GPR frame pin only works with GPR damper

ok thanks. I've never used or installed one so all the parts look the same to me. ill just keep looking or save some pennies to grab to directly from gar

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