Fork/shock options

I have a 2003 WR450F that's been set up for supermoto. I believe the forks have been resprung and revalved, the rear shock has been revalved and shortened as well. 


I'd like to keep it a supermoto most of the time, but every now and then I would like to ride dirt. I suspect supermoto suspension won't work too well for trails, so I'd like to pick up a set of forks and a shock for when I ride dirt - I know forks are easy enough to swap, I don't imagine a shock is too horrible either. 


What all is compatible, and is there a specific setup I should look for? I'd prefer not having to swap triple clamps, instead I'd rather just drop the forks. I'm guessing that any WR or YZ 400 and 426 forks/shock will work, and then any steel framed 450, but I could be wrong. I'm around 180lb + gear, and would prefer not respringing if I don't have to. 


Thanks for any advice. 

I think it is a bit of a hassle to change the rear shock. You should just try what you have and see if it's okay in the dirt.

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