05 WR450 Graphics Options

I bought my 05 WR450 about 6 months ago and I absolutely love the bike. The previous owner changed the graphics to that little weird shaped man blowing a horn. There is a name for it, I just don't remember what it's called.


I like the graphics he chose but I think I would like to go OEM or maybe something close.The OEM sticker(s) are around $150ish from several OEM sellers and I am not sure what you get in the box for that $150. The description is called "graphic set". The Yamaha part number is 5TJ-24240-20-00. 


I've looked on Ebay and nothing really strikes my fancy. Does anyone have any advice where I can find some OEM looking graphics a lot cheaper than $150. Or does anyone know what that "graphic set" includes? I will probably email one of the sellers to find out but figured someone here may know.



Thanks in advance,



In looking at the schematic, it appears that the graphic set you referenced may just be both sides for the fuel  tank stickers




Looks like the stickers for the radiator shrouds and the Yamaha Tuning Fork are another $46 + $18 each side of the shroud (e.g. another $128 on top of the $150). 




I think the price reflects the rarity of these old OEM stickers and I am always amazed at the price for OEM graphics.  My recommendation on the steel frame WR's is to just put graphics on the shrouds and don't put them on the tank since they will yellow anyhow and get peeled off just from your legs gripping the tank.


I don't have a recommendation for aftermarket graphics as I don't care much for aftermarket. 

Looks like one of the replies got erased. I did visit that site and they did have some good looking good stuff.  But I would imagine posting a reply that was pretty much an ad is probably against the rules. 


Today I plasti dipped painted over the cute dude blowing the horn. I will evaluate that for a while. Maybe just take most of the graphics off. Ahhh,decisions, decisions. 


thanks SilvFx for the response.


I got these for a 2005. Came off a 2003 yz

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