Just bought a 2002 YZ426

I can't believe it but I found a new 2002 YZ426 on Cycletrader.com from a dealer in the Chicago area for $4895! I gave him a deposit and they will deliver Tuesday. He just wanted to get it off the books!

I will be thumping by next weekend!

Congrats on the new bike. Do they have any more ?

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Thats a little tooo cheap if you ask me! :) another case of "Right Place at the Right Time" huh! :D

anyways let us know when you get it! Damn thats cheap! Lucky, just down right lucky.... hehe

peace out! :D

Almost as good as my deal two months ago I got mine on ebay rode once 4,500 mint condition 10 miles on bike,Awesome bike. :)

That is an awesome deal. I also wanna know if they have anymore. Post a phone number or something so we can enjoy bliss as you are. Congrats on the new bike...


Thanks for all the comments. It was the last one but they do have a 2002 YZ250 for around $4800 and a 2002 YZ 125 for around $4100. I was going to buy used, but I couln't pass this up.

I just talked to the Thunder Alley guy. He seems like a great guy and everyone likes his pipes! I might have to try one!



The cheapest I have seen is $5395 here in California.

That is just too cool! You will not be disappointed. The 426 is a great bike! I just don't understand why a dealer would be that anxious to "get it off the books"? I could understand it if it was an '01 like mine, but since the '03 won't be out for many months, it doesn't make much sense. You should thank your lucky stars that you found such a good deal! Just don't rub it in our faces too much!


I know a lot of dealers have been bringing bikes down from Canada and selling them for great prices due to the favorable exchange rate and they cross the border duty free. This may be more of the reason for the good price than getting it off the books.

There is nothing wrong with the bike being from Canada except that if you need warranty work done it can cause some hassle.

My 2 cents.

i got my 02 426 for 4800 bucks out the door and they delivered it to my house all for that price now i dont think any one can get a better deal than that

wilsons motorcycles in fresno california had about 5 for $4999 cheap!!!...Cya


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