yz400f vs newer 250f

2014 Yz 250 f

What class would the Yz 250 f be in when racing motocross? What bikes would be aloud to race in that class and last but not least could you put a big bore kit on your 250 and still race in the 250 class?

it would be in the 250 class and all 250f and 125 2 strokes are in that class. I think 250 2 strokes also would be in that class

Honestly don't worry about the size of the engine near as much as your ability to control it. I've seen PLENTY of times people on smaller bikes SMOKE people on 450 or 250 2st in all aspects of riding whether it be holeshots(drag racing) or otherwise

Who gives a shit.

This, with the cat profile picture just made me laugh pretty hard. Thank you.

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