2010 yz450f not starting

At first it was dying in first and second with the clutch in. The next day it started and soon died. Now it won't start at all. I cleaned the air filter, and checked the spark plug. None to be the problem so far I was wondering if anyone had this problem with an EFI bike or had any suggestions.

There could be several things causing this. Not all efi related.

Did you check your clutch has the correct free play?

Did you check the valves?

Get your hands on a tuner and check for any fault codes.

Yes about two mins ago I got a fault code 22 which if I'm not mistaken is a coolant sensor failure

21 is coolant temp sensor 22 is iat (intake air temp)

It's on the right side of the throttle body above the tps


Clean the connection and check the harness and ensure it's plugged all the way in. Clean the little hose and passageway. If that doesn't work replace it.

There are specific testing procedures for each sensor in the manual.  Have one?

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