Slight wobble on rear tire

Was riding today and my rear tire had a slight wobble. I later checked the tire while the bike was raised and it wobbled just a hair. Is this bad?

Not necessarily the rim could need truing. The tire may not be seated on the rim also.

Look at the tire bead all the way around to see if it's straight. You can also tape a couple of pencils on the swing arm to the rim to see if it has a wobble.

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If the rim isn't wobbling but the tire is, it might be a seating problem. If the rim is wobbling, it means that at a minimum it needs to be trued, it's possible it's bent. 

The tire does have foam in it. Could that cause anything?

The tire does have foam in it. Could that cause anything?



Please explain - - What foam?

Foam may or may not have anything to do with it. The tire may simply need more air to properly seat on the bead. If your rim is bent you should tighten your spokes in any case.

This is a picture of my secret weapon woods bike. If you look closely you will notice the bead of the tire is not straight all the way around the rim. Look for the line on the tire next to the rim. In this case the radial tire just does not seat on the Excel rim. Every time I air it down it pops off the bead.  :rant: It does wobble however I just don't pay any attention to it. (The tire was too expensive to replace untill worn) :thumbsup:BBRtire_zpsaa36ec6a.jpg

First, that is one hella big tire. Second, there is no air in the rear tire it is some type of foam insert that was added by previous owner. I was taking a closer look at it and it seems the wheel is fine but the tire may not be on right. It rides fine and brakes fine, if I notice a difference in the next week or so then I'll do something.

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