bolt in crankcase

soooo my bike dies and has lost spark so i pull off the stator cover to find one of the pickup coil bolts is missing so the coil isnt on straight. problem is i cant find the f#*@ing bolt any ideas without splitting the case?????

What bike?


Are there any holes in the left case half big enough for the bolt to have made it thru into the center case? I'd go fishing with a telescoping magnet.


Look amongst and behind all the stator armatures to be sure its not hiding.


Be sure its not magnetically stuck to the flywheel.



yea theres holes big enough


gotta wait a couple days to pull the flywheel as i dont have the right tools  :banghead: 

thanks for the reply think i might just start pulling this thing apart should be fun  :thumbsup:

It is probably stuck to the flywheel magnet as it's hollow behind the side you can see. Either that or the po lost/stripped it and just over tightened the other ones to compensate. Those may have loosened over time and now it's off. My bet is on it being stuck inside the flywheel shell

found it a couple days ago was in the centre case  :thumbsup:

Did it do much damage to anything else?

cant see any damage, the engine stopped when the bolt came out so it didnt really get a chance 

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