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Dyno data –And what it tells us about how to tune a shim stack and control the shape of the damping force curve

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So I rode with the large port piston I had cnc'ed. My bike is a 2012 RMZ 450 that I have had for four years and had done plenty of suspension mods on over the years. It rides really well but I am always trying new things.

Stock shock has a Titanium nitrate shaft 6.3 kg spring with thrust washer and large port piston (ride concepts) with 1.2mm bleed . Today I rode with my spare shock. Standard shaft 6.3 kg spring no thrust washers identical shim stack as the other set up but no bleed on custom piston. Piston geometery is also different.

The result was a very plush ride on the rough parts of the track (plusher than the other shock) but a some what dead feeling in the shock at ride height. 

Most in part to the lack of bleed and trust washer I'd say, but as I stated in my first post if I make it move faster from the start I believe it will get inherently stiffer at the other end that's logical. I will try though and get back to every one.

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