IMS zip ty 3.1 g tank

I have ridden with the IMS tank on my 2001 for a couple of years and I love it. #1 it allowed me to put on a YZ seat and #2 it gave me a heck of a lot more gas.


I thought the stock 2001 WR tank and the Zipty or IMS were within .1 gallons of each other. :)


My 4 gallon IMS holds less than a gallon more than the stocker. My stocker holds just a splash under 3 gallons. I didn't have a graduated cylinder to accurately measure the volume but it's close enough. If you're buying a 3.1 or 3.3 for the extra volume only I think you're wasting your money.

I just bought the Zipty to put the gas weight lower. Wasn't aware of the 4 gallon tank, not that I want or need it.


Sorry, didn't mean to sound preachy.

Father Frostbite, you are forgiven!! :)


I am humbled, Master Hoss. :D I never considered the lower center of gravity factor. :) I needed the xtra gas. And, of course, the xtra floatation is important too.


Actually my desire for the Zipty started with wanting to get further forward on the seat... then a friend brought to my attention getting the weight lower into the bike. :)

The most noticable change was how I could squeeze the tank better between my knees because it was skinier.


I put a ims tank on my wr and i think it's great . :)

On the zip ty tank watch out for the muffler clamp. As the tank settles the hot sharp edge of the clamp can rub a hole in the bottom of the tank. Just loosen the clamp and turn it so that sharp edge can't touch anymore.

The tank/yz seat combo improved the ergos of the WR a lot.

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