Happy with Applied triple clamp?

Are you guy's happy with your Applied triple clamps or do you wish you would have bought something else? Applied's sure are alot less money than the others. Some of the others have 3 bolts clamping each tube which must be alot more rigid.




I like mine. Im a shorter rider ,5`8", and it opened the cockpit up so I can get a little farther on the tank and have my arms stretched out more. :)

Hey there, I have run Applied clamps for 6 years now, and I have always been real happy with them...never had any problems and they look real good. they are noticably more rigid than the stock ones which tend to flex a little. Chances are the clamps you saw that have three bolts were for the lower clamp, not the upper...the applied lowers also have three bolts per fork.

Got a set on order from monkey butt parts.com. I should have them by tues. or wed. of next week!

They're good, put don't plan on the bottom clamps front number plate holes being tall enough to hold the plate in position. Mine pops out all the time.

I like mine, its clean and easy.

I have used them for years on my 400-426s. I bent both the upper and lower (Applied Wraps) last weekend at VP. Although I have never had problems with any previous sets. This set bent and bent very badly. My front wheel was pointing approx. 45 degrees left. No frame or fork damage. The clamps gave up first and I'm happy they did!

The previous owner was about 5'7. I am 6 feet tall. The bar is too close to me but other than that they seem fine. I am looking to get a new clamp to stretch the cockpit. If you want these, drop me a PM. :)


They are silver.

Dan, I am interested in your clamp(s).

Just sent you a pm.

Dan, sent you another pm. Reply to my e-mail if possible, it's easier to get to.



Love 'em, have them on my 01 CR 125, 01 KTM 200, 01 426 and 02 CR 250. Since I'm 5-8 I like the fit. If I was taller I might turn the bar clamps around and use taller bars!


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