Im going to be selling my tech 8s there in great condition,there the 2002 model and there blue I want blk ones.I will try to get some pics up Im looking to get 200 dollars for them,they are broke in.

I might be interested, does that price include shipping? How much time do you have on them.

I am off to the Indy SX tomorrow, its going to be a good one with Langston and Brown!

just got back from the sx in indy what happened to langston in the main?Is he hurt or was it the bike?

I am not sure either but he was looking at his bike. My son thought it was his radiator because his mechanic removed the radiator cap, looked in and then replaced and walked off.

I watched it on ABC today and you can definitely tell that his clutch lever is broken off at the perch. Furthermore, he was trying to push it off the track and he was fumbling to put it into neutral. I know it's difficult to ride a supercross without a clutch, but he definitly should've tried to continue. Even if he only beats a couple of people he would've gotten at least a point or two. There were two dnf's (Michael Byrne and somebody else) Langston is so good that even without a clutch he probably would've beaten a few guys and picked up valuable points. Look how close it was in the nationals. Every point matters. He blew it and made a poor decision.

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