Cooling fan options

ThumpMe, does it make a big difference?

HUGE difference if moving slow or really working the bike hard, like on technical up hills where you cannot keep enough air going through the radiators, or even just sitting in traffic.



 I can actually sit still, with the motor running and NEVER have to worry about it boiling as long as I have the fan switched on.  Could NOT do that before I added it.

Here is a shot of the switch and where it is mounted. The second switch is for a little LED light I am working on getting mounted up right now.


WR tidbits 006.JPG

I might have to try that. What switches did you use? I was considering picking up some of the HDB switches and mounts, they aren't cheap but I've heard great things about quality. 

Awesome! Glad to hear that!

You can see mine is pretty tight.....


What fan is that you ended up going with? I have the same issues as you do with overheating. I tried the computer fan route but had a hard time finding a fan that would fit.

Do you have more pics without the plastics on so we can see how you mounted it up? I really need to get my bike running much cooler.

It is a fan I saw listed on e-bay. After I watched the video linked to it of them hosing it down for about three minutes with it running I decided it was worth the asking price ($33.00. About 1/3 to 1/2 all the other fans I had looked at) and it was thin enough (right at 3/4 inch) to fit between the tank and radiator on the right hand side. They are still listed there too, the seller is listed as Mynewfan. I did go in and seal up the electronic area by shoving a bunch of silicon into it just in case. Have had no issues with it at all.

I just made three little bent up aluminum brackets, you can see two in that one picture to mount it. Will take a few more shots next time I have the tank off and post em. Tied the two brackets and fan to my Devol radiator guards with a couple small button head bolts.

Several years back me and a buddy discovered this place that sells electrical parts at GREAT prices. All Electronics. They have those little push button switches with the rubber water repellant covers at GREAT prices....LESS than two bucks each! WAY cheaper than what I paid for the original one I got with an LED light several years back. AND you cannot beat the prices! I bought like twenty of them! Almost used them all up now too, as I use them on all sorts of electrical trinkets! I think th elittle rubber covers are about 50cents each. WHAT a deal!

Good prices on those switches!! They look just like the HDB switches at a fraction of the cost.

 Yeah I found those switches  several years ago after I bought an LED light for a dual sport bike off another site and they hosed me down for twelve bucks for one of those little push button Judco switches. I do not mind them making some money on me but FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT PROFIT on each switch? Made me wonder how much they ripped me off for on the light?


I got mad and spent probably two days off and on searching for a source for them....that is how I discovered All Electronics. They also have SAE connectors which I use a lot of, and those were going  for LESS than half of anywhere else I had seen them, and I looked around a LOT for those too. They now get ALL my electronic needs business. GREAT Prices and fast delivery as well.


 On the LED lights I did buy this one kit and then built several more only MY design  from this place called LED Supply. You have to have some good building skills as well as a little electronic understanding but MAN you can build some AMAZING new SMALL LED lights if you have the skills and time. They are still a little pricey but turn the night into least directly in front of your scooter anyway!


 I always wanted some LED blinkers as they use less power. But you cannot find any that put out enough light to be safe to use during the daylight. I built a couple sets that were so bright I HAD to tone em down cause I knew they were going to get me ticketed if I did not. They actually hurt your eyes!...... And they are only one inch in diameter!


 I am currently building some small ones of these to try and  and mount on a helmet so you have light no matter what direction you look....BUT you have to have the presence of mind to NOT look at your buddies when they pull up next to you! HA!


 Sort of went off on a hijack there. I now return you to the original topic.......


On my '03 fan I added a little piece of heavy duty stainless screen on the backside. The front  of the fan sits right close to the radiator so is well protected. You can see it mounted to the backside of the fan in that previous pic Those plastic fan blades are REAL NOT ask how I know this! Anyway I knew if I did not put a screen across there it would just be a matter of time till a rock or stick flew into it and trashed it all out.


 I then took some rubber edging type material and siliconed it to the edges of the screen to protect against getting poked by it when I do dirt samples or other dumb stunts. 

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I looked at the mounts for it today and realized I did not even have to remove the tank or shrouds for you to see them. So here they are. As mentioned this is for mounting fan to Devol Radiator Guards.


All are made from one-eighth inch thick aluminum. The wire you see grounding to the top fan mount in that 1st pic is the ground wire as it exits the fan. I radiused that mount on an electric sander to knock off that one sharp top corner. That flat piece of eighth inch aluminum running across the radiator above the fan is part of the Devol radiator guard, the middle support.The lower mounting bolt with the wire lug, threads into an existing metric threaded hole on the fan body.At least I think I remember it was metric?


 The second pic is the lower mount. Same material, about 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Real slight bend in it to match up to lower pre existing tapped hole on fan.Built the bracket, drilled it with the tap drill size for the bolt I wanted, c-clamped it (small one inch c-clamp used)   to the Devol guard and transfer drilled the two holes.  If you transfer those holes while Devol guard is on a bike, as I did, be sure to put a small piece of sheet steel between the radiator and guard as you drill it to protect that radiator when the drill breaks through the guard. Then I removed it and tapped the two lower small mounting holes through the Devol guard, RE- drilled out the bracket holes for clearance and bolted it on.


 Third mount is just above the lower one and I did it just cause three mounts seemed much better than two. It is just straight same thickness aluminum and I used the same transfer trick on it but opened up the hole in the fan for clearance and tapped out the hole in the mounting bracket and then installed the bolt through the fan housing from INSIDE (Button head bolt for real low profile) and tightened the bolt into the bracket from the far side in that picture.I did this cause that fan surface is a radius and would be hard to start a tap into it at the correct angle. Then just drilled one more small hole up behind the shroud just out of view in the Devol guard and put a small bolt through that one to finish up mounts.


 It really made that Devol guard strong on the bottom as it sturdied up the whole radiaor and guard into one unit!. It is REAL solid now.This does NOT mean I cannot still break it! just a LOT stronger!


 Uh-oh! Do not know how to post pics from where I am here on this screen.

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AT least I did not loose that explanation!

'03 450 fan 001.JPG

'03 450 fan 002.JPG

'03 450 fan 003.JPG


I'm actually pretty heavy into LED lighting myself. I own a small business building LED tail lights for Buells ( )

I'm going to see if they make the fan guards for PC fans big enough for this fan. Just to be safe like you said.

Good deal! Nice website too. So I imagine you are using mostly those smaller dual intensity LED's in your products?  I gather that from the info listed and due to the number of LED's located in each unit.


 The headlights, stop lights, and blinkers, I built are made using mostly the Cree brand high intensity LED's and with those little units you vary the brightness by using higher powered drivers.They just did come out with their next generation too, and those are about 20% brighter yet! They really do kick butt, even in daylight! 


 You know now that you mention it, I receive a catalog from an electrical clearinghouse. Marlin P. Jones. I saw a couple months back where they do have a whole page of those little cabinet fan guards. They are made out of chromed fairly heavy duty wire and I seem to remember they had listings for about every size muffin fan available. In fact I did buy a couple three inch ones for another project I had going. They were cheap and pretty nice quality! I do not know how well the plating would stand up to weather, but they are cheap enough it would be worth finding out! 


 Here is a link!  Punch in "fan guards" in the search box.

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