Hot Start Plunger

The plunger on my 03WR450 has become stripped at the carb. I think I have gotten it tight, but is there a way to check if it is leaking? How hard, what parts do I need to replace/fix this?


The hot start plunger is a cheap fix with a new plastic threaded nut assembly you can order from your dealer real cheap. The plastic thread strips very easily! Do not over tighten :)

you might try soap and water, put suds around it while running :)

NO! Do not do that! There is not a positive pressure in the carb, it will suck the soap in, not blow bubbles out like a leaky inner tube.

To check for intake leaks, I have heard spray the spot with WD40 or starting fluid and listen for changes in engine RPM.

I just replaced my hot start last night with an solenoid operated, handlebar mounted push-button activated unit. Pretty slick! PM me if you wanna know more.

How do you separate the threaded nut from the tube?

Take the cable off and it slides all the way to the other end and off. Put the new one on! :)

I dont know about you guys, but I never, repeat never use my hotstart, never needed to and dont intend to start.

What I am about to embark on is a z-start clutch (thanks and qdos to Desertfoxx for sorting the fedexing !! :) ) but I want to remove the hotstart totally as I will be taking the clutch perch and lever off.

Can I just undo the cable and leave the plunger in? :D

Or is there a better way?

Cheers Deano

No you need to plug the hole with a steel pin and then put the cap on.

OK thanks Indy


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