What causes little dings/dints in cylinder/crank

There is no second guessing when it comes to engine internals , going cheap can create a disaster.....

WHat causes dents and dings in a cylinder? Loose, foreign objects. I know, it was a stretch.

Most likely the engine blew up and someone did a cheap rebuild to sell it . Broken pieces are about the only culprit I can think of. Either way it's time to just move forward and either fix it right or part it out.. it's an old bike but if you rebuild , the engine will be new , if you spent the same amount of money on a used newer running bike you could end up where you are now , or w a more expensive worn bike.. it's a money pit no matter what you do , but we do it because this is how we have fun. did you buy it bc you liked that year or size or whatever , if so then just rebuild and have piece of mind knowing it's in good shape when your done . Otherwise cut loses learn the lesson and move on..

Damns, $2200 for a Wr400. Going to spend close to that if you are going to keep the bike and pay someone to rebuild it.

Down here where i live 2200 is a good price, specially with supermotos aswell as dirts.

I put it all back together today, starts first kick runs perfect goes good. took u and down the road about 5 times. the only downside to this bike is it cant hold coolant because it gets forced into the head (ever so slightly with new gasket) into the combustion chamber. and according to the local head place it ant be fixed because the previous owner road it like that and got it really got and its gone soft. keeping in mind every other part in the engine is fine with no signs of over heating



neither the cylinder nor head i warped..

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