Can someone confirm fitment of bigbore components


Well this thing keeps on going..

Now I have ordered valves and valve springs, need 3rd and 5th on input and output, plus the middle shift fork.

I am really considering swapping my standard piston to hc. Our fuel should be fine and i love down low power (opposite of my 2st).

I think its my best bet considering how i want the bike to perform. Are there ANY disadvantages of hc. I dont want to halve the top end life or something. Extra fuel cost is fine,and picking my gas station should be fine too.

I know porting may not make it competitive with the newest model, but surely it will help, a fair bit?

Since i may send the piston back i could send the head for port and polish, new seats cut and valves set by a reputable mechanic.

My guy here doesnt know the performance side.

Also i belive its got stock gearing (14,50) but at 80kmsph it revs pretty high. Id like to commute 110kmph for 30 mins or so.

How ahould i gear it. Ideally i want 3rd gear throttle only wheeliws but if i gear it dor top apeed 2nd gwar would do, really i want 3rd.

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