2002 426F vs. 2002 450F

Does anyone know where I can find a good comparison on the 2002 CR450F vs. 2002 YZ426F? I have been looking all over the web.

I would also love to hear the feedback from the forum.



Bulverde, A GOOD COMPARISON???? This still does not exist. If you want biased comparisons read the magazines.......their job is to sell more bikes & bike stuff. One will say the 426 is better another one awards the 450 with Bike of the Year! If you want even more biased opinions read or do a search on both the YZF426 & CRF450 TT threads here.....they both are great bikes & you will need to decide for yourself which powerband you like for your own riding ability & style. I will tell you that if you are a shorter height rider vs. a taller rider the 450 will suit you better......then there is the Euro offerings....good luck!

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