( grey wire ) location

Im trying to get all the simple mods done to the bike im down to the grey wire part of it . i just need the location of the connector ? and just wondering by elimating the wire what exactly is this doing ? is it a timing issue or bypassing something

the gray wire is hook to the CDI box between the the bars on the right side. the wire runs back under the tank and you must cut it cause thir is no plug make sure to tape wires well. it changes to the YZ maping. :):D

On my 03 wr450 i was able to take it out of a plug without cutting it.It was under the tank on the right side.I used a pick to move the tab holding the wire in and out it came.I then taped it up real good.

Here is a pic of where it is.


You need to click this link:


Click on FREE MODS, and all will be answered.

BTW, you don't have to cut the wire, just carefully pull it and it's pin out of the connector box.


What year is your WR? I have been working on the same issue with my 1998 WR400. All of the pictures I can find should removing a grey-ish wire from a six pin connector.

The WR manual for the 1998 indicates that the grey is part of a two pin connector.

It would be helpful if some of you experts could determine whether the manual indicates the that the wire is grey, or even better rather than taking pictures of the connectors, make and post a wiring diagram that includes all of the CDI wiring and the appropriate wire.


Did you notice any difference? :)

I found mine on the right side of the main tube under the tank. It has two wires and a plug. I seem to remember the wires come from under the tube from the left side to right and then go into a plug. I have a 99 WR400, and mine was cut but not dressed very well so I went looking and currently have it reconnected.


my wr is a 2003 i havent had time to take apart the bike yet but from what i can gather is the connector is a six pin maybe a ealier year carrys a 2 pin but i would be sure before disconnecting :)

On my '00 WR 400 it was in a 2 pin connector with a black/white wire and the grey wire.

I think 99 and before had a two wire connector, 2K and later six pin. Mine is six pin. Anyone have an easy way of backing the wire out of the connector? Tried pushing and pulling, both male and female ends. Is there an accessible tab that makes it come out easy?

Mine is an 01 and I remember seeing it in the 2 pin connector

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