Last chain question I swear (x-ring)

I give up, I'm getting sprockets at the local shop so I can ride next weekend. I've convinced myself to try an x-ring chain this time around, problem is the local shop has several models from $80 to $140 and I have no idea what the difference is aside from tense strength and brand. The $80 is an EK (or RK?) and the $140 is a DID. Which brand/model x-ring do you all recommend as the longest lasting?


DID X-ring for $140, are they going to take you to dinner too, just kidding ? I bought one from MXSouth for right around $100, but it looks like Rocky Mountain has them for even cheaper. Check it it out Rocky Mountain

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Thanks. I checked the DID website and they actually have many x-ring models and I can't tell which one is for sale at RockyMountain. $140 was the 520ERV2. After looking I think I'm interested in the 520VM. Very neat info about chains on the site:

DID offroad chains

DID chain specs

I'm still very interested in feedback.


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Confusing stuff... I know I have the DID Gold X-ring (ERV2 is Gold-- I'm almost sure!) and hard coated. that has tacken the abuse much better than any of the others that I've tried. MX south was great! less than a week. I think it was around $160 with Renthal sprockets..

I have the 520VM, and so far I've been very pleased with it. The only time I've had to adjust the chain is when I remove the rear tire.

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