Re-wire Tusk switch to bikes main on/off button

I have a 07 WR450 with the tusk lighting kit. I want to re wire the tusk on/off switch to the bikes main button. Reason being is I want to eliminate the need for the tusk switch and simply power everything using the bikes main on/off button.


I do not mind doing wiring, but as far as figuring out the best way to re wire it, that has me a little stumped. 


Any thoughts?



No thoughts?

On my '12 write I installed the tusk dual sport wiring harness with the tusk light / blinker switch. I left the wire harness disconnected at the rear (battery). Then I picked up power at the main power button. This let's me turn on all the lights / blinkers when I activate the push button main power switch. Works well for me.

On my wife's 04 crew I did the same but connected the hardness at the battery as well as the key switch. Again works well for m.

Doing the same with my 07 WR250F, wish I would done the same with my 07 WR450F.


I am going to use a Relay and power the headlight from that as well. I can see it in my head, but have to be next to the bike to give you colors and location.

When looking at the connector to the switch, There are 2 red wires, a brown wire and a black wire. The larger red wire is battery in and the brown is switch out. I wired the Tusk battery feed to the larger red wire and the switch out wire to the brown wire.. I also wire the headlight wire to the brown switch out wire.

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