120/90 - 18 Rear Tire

What options are there for a rear tire in this size for a 450F?  The stick tire was a MX51, but I'm having a hard time finding many alternatives in this size.


I ride mostly trail / fire roads.

You can use any size you want


120/90 means it is a lower profile (not as tall) tire as a 120/100 or 110


The Dunlop MX series tires are discontinued in the 18" rear size


In Dunlop all there is at the moment is the AT81 and AT 81RC tires in an 18" 


The AT81RC is a great tire for hardpack when used at a lower pressure, like 6-8lbs.

Closest in similar profile would be a 110/100.  Does anybody run these or is it considered too narrow?


Wondering if running a 120/100 would make the weight balance noticeably different on the bike (front weight biased as theoretically as the back end will be pushed up a little).

It's not a big deal

Remember, these ratio numbers do not tell you the actual size of the tire...

You can get a 110/90 Dunlop AT739 that is taller and wider than a 120/100 Dunlop MX51


A 110 is better for single track or track, or sliding, but it won't climb as well.

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