Non ethanol fuel in 90 octane for YZ450

For various reasons, I would like to begin using non-ethanol fuel (pure gas) in my 2012 YZ450. In my area of Georgia the highest octane pure gas has a rating of 90.


The manual calls for a minimum of 91 octane. Does anyone have real world experience (as in you have use 90 octane "pure gas") with using 90 octane non-ethanol fuel from the pump in a late model, fuel injected YZ 450?


I understand the relationship of octane requirement to compression ratio and timing curves but the comparison of ethanol 91 octane and non-ethanol 90 octane is not exactly an apples to apples comparison. It would appear that the difference between 90 and 91 octane is small.


Those of you that have used 90 octane "pure gas", did you experience any pinging or detonation that you didn't experience with 91 octane ethanol fuel?



Go to and look up you state. gives all places in state, brand and octane!

Thank you for the heads up. I have been aware of this site for a couple of years. Its good to see that there are actually new gas stations being added constantly. Still looking for input on if 90 octane non-ethanol fuel will work for the late model 450's.

I try to run only non-ethanol and when it is 90 there are no issues.

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