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does anyone know of any video or workout programs that are designed for motocross/motorcycle riders. i work in a physical therapy clinic and have some ideas on a cardio, weight training program that would help the everyday rider, improve their race results and fun factor. any feedback on this would be welcomed. thanks for the replies

I can't recall any, though I personally would lov e to have something like that for my son and me. I never before experienced the let down that occured during my first motocross. After 2 laps, I was out of breath and could hardly grasp the hadlebars from arm pump. By the way, where the heck did arm pump come from? I don't remember ever feeling anything like this before!! I have since been running and working my forearms with the weight-on-a-dowl rod thingie. I did feel the result when I finally made it to the track. Much less arm pump, but I was also making a conscious effort to relax, and grip the bike with my knees and legs. My personal experience is that I could not get any effective practice in because I was too tired after 2 laps to gain any valid practice. Things are getting better, and will continue if I can maintain willpower and hit the treadmill a few times a week.

I think there is a venue for any workout program. Most on this board could benefit from some sort of program.


Gary Semics has some videos out, and I know a few of them address fitness and the arm pump issue. Do a search for him on the net, he has a website you can order the videos from.


I was an athlete who at one time trained out at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. I know a little bit about aerobic and anaerobic training as I studied them at PSU in Kinesiology Dept. Some key components in motocross that make it more demanding than almost any other sport is that you have to use brute strength in some instances and yet have to have the endurance to maintain race speed for entire moto. With that in mind cardio workouts need to be done atleast 3 times a week, if can do it more that is great. A minimum of 20 minutes of running, cycling, or even playing full court all out basketball should be done three to four times a week. Then a strength program involving olympic weights should be done three times a week as well. This lifting workout should be about 60 to 75 minutes long. The three days should have seperate muscle groups: Day 1 Chest and Triceps. Day2 Back and Biceps. Day 3 Shoulders and Legs. Abs and Forearm work should be done all three days. What I try to do is my 20 minute run before I weightlift which combines two workouts into one day as well as warms up my body before lifting. This leaves me with four other days in the week to try and fit in some practice time on the bike. This is a workout program for someone who can organize their schedule to fit this in and make it a priority to become the best motocrosser they can. For those that want to have fun then maybe you can do some little things like squeeze a raquetball on the way to work to help get over arm pump. Anyway just a little advice for you not that it is the golden rule or anything. Have fun and keep it on two wheels.

I ride my trainer bicycle 30 min every day except for days that I ride. It made a big difference in stamina and arm pump as well as not feeling so rusty when I first hop on the bike. I try to do some aerobics for my upper body while pedaling too.

What I have is a trainer attachment from Performance that I set my mountain bike on, Slick tire required.

If you go from nothing to just about any training method, riding will seem like a cake walk........

In addition to a proper exercise program geared toward motocross, a sensible diet can add substantially as well. One aspect of a diet is to consider cutting back drastically on processed sugars such as cookies, cake, ice cream...etc. or anything with processed sugar in it. If you enjoy these snacks, it will be hard to use self-discipline but the results of sticking to it are quickly realized. You can begin to feel the difference in as little as two weeks if sugar is all but eliminated for the diet. With a sensibile carbohydrate intake, sugar is simply not needed and only taxes the rest of your metabolism. I'm not claiming that this is the cure, but it might help some people immensely.

try this. I have a modified version of this I use and it seems to help. The best improvement came from the increased cardiovascular as my saddle time went way up.

To ride further and faster on your bike, relax when you can, breath and look ahead. Arm pump is a result of holding on to tightly with your arms and not leaning forward and holding on with your knees when you accerelate.

This is my schedule:

Tues, Thurs, Sat

- moto practice (2-4 hrs)

Mon, Wed, Fri

- mtn bike 45 minutes in the morning

- gym training 1 hr at night

- Arms/Chest, Legs/back, shoulders/arms

- 3-5 supersets always, reps of 15-20 always

Sun - race (sometimes every other weekend)

This schedule allowed me to build the endurance needed for long distance desert races, but also improved my moto endurance as well.

AL 2001 National Amateur H&H champion

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