skins graphics problem

just bought a skins graphic kit for a 426 any suggestions on the best way to install? Do you have to remove the original stickers and graphics?



Kevin,you can take off the old stickers easy eith a hair dryer and your fingernail,clean with windex. Before applying new graphics heat them up slightly with the hair dryer this will make the sticker lay down much smoother.Work the bubbles and wrinkles out with the hair dryer as you apply them.If you need you should be able to peel off and reapply the sticker aprox. 1/2 way through if it's not straight.Take your time and you'll be happy with your work.

Good luck.

If you have the time, drain your gas tank and let it sit open overnight. I have seen a few skins peel due to the tank "Breathing". Flush after installing the graphics. Dryer is a great assistant also.

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