does a wr400 take a fuse?

im converting my yz400 to run lights and be street legal. i allready installed a wr400 stator and flywheel and im getting ready to wire my lights up. do i need a fuse? i was just gona run the fuse right off the yellow power wire. if so what size fuse? thanks.

Here's a WR400F wiring diagram.  It doesn't show a fuse.  I had an early WR250F and it had no fuse.  I would put one in there just in case something shorts, in which case the stator would probably get hot after a while.  5 amp should do it.  98WR400F wiring.jpg

ok thanks. im gona put one in just incase. it cant hurt to have one right?

If you're running WR headlight/taillight a 5A fuse is a little small - or at least the WR450 headlight is 55/60W, so it should draw around 5A on high. Add in the tail light (another 2A or so with brake light on) and you're better off with a 10A fuse. 

ok thanks. im running a polisport mmx head light and a wr rear fender with the tail light.

The Polisport MMX is 35W or a hair under 3A. If you're running the older style WR taillight (on top of the fender, not at the end), the 2A figure I gave is reasonable, so you might get away with 5A but you might not. If you're running one of the newer LEDs 5A would be plenty.

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