jetting ?????

Taking my new bike(maybe one hour of riding on it)from northern indiana to southern arizona at the begining of march. Do you guys think I'll have a problem with the jetting?

You might try and find out the altitude differences. There might be a substantial difference in gas blends that might require a slight jetting change. Generally, I doubt that you will need to make more than one size change on either main or pilot jets. A needle clip change might also be the ticket. It won't hurt to experiment a little if you notice a change in engine performance such as popping on decel or harder starting. Just make one change at a time so you won't be left scratching your head wondering which change made it better or worse. Make one change and test for about an hour.

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thanks for the feedback fellas,

I got a spreadsheet for jetting from mikeolichney, you might PM him ands see if he still has it. I would send it but I'm not the author, he posted it here one ime so I'm sure he won't mind.

thanks mike that would be very useful



I am also from your genral area......Northern Illinois and am going to AZ riding this Friday (my bike is enroute as I type). After talking to guys from this and other forums (Arizona trail talk), the genral opinion is one main leaner if you go to the mountains, and one main richer if you go to the dunes. My bike is a '00 426 and usually around here I run a 165 main and a 45 pilot. I am bringing an assortment of jets down there when I go. If you want, I could tell you my findings when I get back on the 19th.


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