Hot start

My hot start would not budge I got it apart and found this any recommendations on what to do


*Sometimes* you can soak the whole bore area in PB Blaster or an equivalent penetrating oil overnight, warm the carb up to about 180-200 ℉ using an oven or a hair dryer, and get it plunger to break loose.  At that point, you just keep working it around and you may be able to work it out.  Note that under the top cover (over the throttle slide), there is, on the engine side of the carb, a drilled passage angling down to the plunger that you can run penetrating oil down into also. 


The next step up is to break off the remaining tab from the plunger for clearance, then drill a small hole down the center of the plunger.  Tap the hole for a #8, #10, or 3 or 4 mm screw (whatever looks to be the best fit).  Run a nut down on a long screw, drop a washer on it, and screw this into the tapped hole.  Then use the nut to pull the plunger up and out of place.  Again, heat and penetrating oil helps.


Once out, clean the bore out using a ~30 caliber brass rifle barrel brush until the new plunger moves completely freely in the bore, smear some waterproof grease the new plunger and seal, and reassemble it.


TO AVOID this in the first place.  Always run the bike after a wash job and work the hot start a couple of times with the engine running so the air running through that passage will blow out the water that may have intruded.

Thank you for all the help sounds like I got my work cut out for me

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