help stripped chain adjuster !!

My chain adjuster is stripped in my swing arm. Any help

One option would be to get a Heli-coil kit. I use never-sieze on the threads of my adjuster bolts. You can buy it in a small tube now. The heli-coil kit comes with a tap, threaded insert, installation tool. Check to see if it has a drill bit, if it does'nt you'll need the right size.

Good luck,


Ok, this might or might not work for you, but usually what happens is the end of the bolt gets rusty, and won't come out. Cut the head off the bolt, cut a slot in it for a screwdriver and just screw it into the swingarm til it falls in and put in a new bolt. Kinda cheesy but it might save you some huge hassles.

I've never seen or used one, but I see this ad alot.

The product is called the swingarm buddy. Hope this helps.

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