Wiring question - power supply behind light

Can anyone give me info on suitable power I can tap into for a trail tech voyager on a 2015 WR450

I haven't got a wiring diagram

I've taken off the oem computer. The power supply for that would probably be ideal.

I can see 4 wires into the plug I think supplied the power. A brown, a white, a red/brown and a green black. Can anyone tell me if these are correct and which to tap into for positive and negative

Thanks in advance.


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You are looking for a 3 way connector on the harness which is

Red/White is live

Brown is switched live

Black is ground


The other 3 way connector is for the Speedo drive

The four way connector is for the remote handle bar switch (optional accessory from Yamaha)


this applies to a 2008 model

2015 maybe slight diff

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