08 estart problem

I'm confused, bike starts first kick no matter if it's cold or hot, but went I hit the button it just cranks without firing. It's got a new battery that turns nice and fast. I can't figure out what could be different when using the button. Any ideas?

E-Start will never crank as fast as a good kick. Just means your pilot/fuel screw jetting is probably ever so slightly off.


Test by cracking throttle open 1/4 and holding it while you press starter to let a bit more air through.

Then test by turning throttle 3-4 times then pressing starter to pump extra fuel in.


If either helps then you can adjust jetting to suit either add more fuel or lean it out.


I had a similar issue when dialing in my jettting.

^^^ ditto


fuel screw set properly

hot start maintained and not leaking or stuck

new plug with under 1mm gap

FRESH NEW  pilot jet

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