Vavle adjustment

I am trying to adjust my vavles but not getting any better when I replace the intake shim from a .153 to a .120 it was still to low as I could only get the .010 feeler gauge in I belive stock specs are .015 any help would be greatly apriciated I feel like I would need to rebuild the head

And also is it normal for oil to come out this plug


that's a normal oil thing. But the valve adjustment. Could you even get a feeler guage in there before you tried adjusting. That's one big shim difference. Were you on top dead center? you have to watch the marks on flywheel, there are two. Did other valves check ok? What year? 4 valve or five?

Are you sure your getting the puck seated all the way down on valve?

Yes I checked and double checked everything and it's an 04 yz450f I have the vavles set at. 007 on intake side and. 009 on exhaust side but I was told the stock specs are .006-.008 intake and .010-.015 exhaust

The valve specs are .10 - .15mm (.004 - .006") for intakes and .20 - .25mm (.008 - .010") 

Thank you so much I needed that lol

Well I got the bike to start but only ideal for 1 min and every time I would try and give it gas it would die it was back firing quiet a bit guess try and clean the carb what do you guys think about it

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