Coolant leak

Yep, I ordered a ton of oil from them not long ago. I doubt they'll have what I need, though, seeing as dirtbikes/ATVs tend to use integrated reservoirs. Brake fluid will seep through fuel line in some cases too, so I can't just use clear fuel line. 

Might have to go to an industrial supply company or possibly a local maker of high pressure hydraulic hose lines would have something that would work. Nice thing about getting it locally is you get it NOW, with no wait!

Get one of those pump-up radiator cap testers and pressurize the system or just the rad itself if you have already removed it. This will allow you to precisely locate the leak.

As far as reppairiing, thats no old-school brass/copper radiator. It made from thin aluminum

A very skilled TIG welder is needed, and its only a maybe at that

I'd just go with a new part for $100 or so

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