Magnetic Drain Plug - The Next Bulk Buy?

I use the Yamaha one... it seems rather a weak magnet... I think the best one would have a Neodynium (sp?) magnet - the stuff would be pulled from the oil, not just if it passed withing a couple of mm of the plug... I appreciate the usefulness of these things, so maybe this is the next bulk buy - nearly as small as a t-handle, and just as useful... What do you guys think? (those without them already that is...)

It seems as though the Zip-Ty one is the bee's knees... So Who know Ty Davis? :)

Click Here to see what you will be getting...

I think the best solution at the moment is to pre-arrange a TT discount, then we can each purchase our own... I realise that it is a lot of work for one person to volunteer for...


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I would buy one!! Later,


I emailed them asking if they would be warm to the idea of offering something for a bulk buy.

I know I would take one and i'm sure my riding partner would tale one as well :)

I was planning on getting one soon so count me in.

I want one to.

put me down for one

I'm in for one.

Two if it fit's my boy's yz125 also.


i would like one, but i live in israel, can anyone help there?

I would be interested also.



same here count me in

Me too!

No! No! No!

goshhh I just ordered mine last friday from ZipTy

bad timing isn't it....

I'll take one.


I'm interested.

Count me in too, Please tell me that the picture of the plug with the shavings on it was after a first or second oil change on a new bike. Hope that is not a regular thing every time the oil is changed. LOL Frank

I'll take one. I have an adress in Champlain, N.Y. so it's not a hassle. Please let us know. Thanks!

Count me in.

Count me in!

Chewy too

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