Magnetic Drain Plug - The Next Bulk Buy?

I'll take two. Let me know what to do. Thanks

I gotta have one too! let us know when.... :)

Peace out!

are you in or out...yin yout yin yout

I'm yin dude. Count me yin..

I'll take two. One for my 426 & one for a 250f

I'd get one.

I'm in

Yep, I could use one too!

I just got a message back from them and they said if we order atleast 10 of one item then we can get it at dealer cost. So I have emailed them to see if I can get a listing of the prices to get a idea of the discount.

So for all those interested shot me a email and I will compile the order and get all the needed info setup. Payment, address, and etc. to get this happening.

Also if there is anything else from them that might be of interest, shot me a email. If I get a big enough interest I will purpose it to the board for consideration.


[ February 13, 2002: Message edited by: scottzx7rr ]

Hey Scott,

Check your Private Messages! Later,


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