Tusk Impact rear wheel with spacers for 07 YZ450f dragging a bit.

Anybody with the new Tusk Impact wheels on their older(mine's an 07)YZ's having the issue of the rear wheel feeling a little draggy? Everything is greased,installed,and torqued properly,but it does not spin completely freely.I was wondering if it might have something to do with the new spacers being longer internally(They fit my smaller axle and go deeper into the hub).The wheels have 5 hours on them,so I don't think it's any kind of a break in issue.I would appreciate actual experience with these wheels and this situation as opposed to wild guesses.Thanks!


Does the wheel spin freely with the axle loosened?  If so, the problem is likely to be that the center spacer has been compressed.  When that happens, thightening the axle puts a lateral preload on the bearings that they are not supposed to have.

Thanks Gray,I'll check tomorrow.

Gray,I went out and checked,and loosening the nut doesn't change anything.I just remembered that when I put the spacer in there,it was like there was air inside the hub,and it wanted to keep the spacer from seating.Like an air cushion or spring effect.Taking the other spacer out didn't help.I'm sure it was the sprocket side,which is where I put the longer of the two spacers.I can't remember if i tried switching them.

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