What's the Rev limit on a FI WR450?

Been searching everywhere for this and can't find the answer. Wanting to know so I can set up my new voyagers tach properly

Does anyone know what the rev limit is for a fuel injected WR450?

I assume it's controlled by the ecu


I don't think I would rev it to the rev limiter. The max rev where it produces power is one thing and the limiter cuts the spark pretty high so no damage occurs.


So maybe 8,5 to 9k max on the power band. Much higher on the rev limiter.

I imagine it's very high. On the carb'd bikes I've found varying answers, either 11500 or 12000. I wouldn't take it up there very often. 

Just looking at the data from the voyager and i can see a maximum peak reading of 10420 so I'm thinking 11K is the likely limit


Be nice to confirm it though


Set the tachbar on the voyager to read up to 12K

when you hear a big bang.... you've gone too far!

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