Repacking stock muffler 06 YZ450

I need to install new packing in my stock muffler. I'm a little unsure what packing I should be buying. I'm looking at the FMF premier packing or just the cheap FMF packing they also sell. Which one do I want and if I just got the cheap packing, do I need to reuse the inner packing (looks like steel wool) that I removed?

Is there something else I should be looking instead of the FMF products?

We have always used house insulation to repack our 2 stroke pipes worked extremely well just not sure if that would hold up to the 4 stroke but always worth a shot a lot cheaper

Yeah I really have no idea if it differs much for 4 stroke. 


I didn't get much of a response so I just went ahead and ordered the cheap FMF packing and I guess I'll reuse the steel wool I removed.  It's not too beat up so it should be ok.

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